21 August 2007

War and Memory

I am half way through my graduate education--on my way to completing my masters in history. As a working historian already in the field and gainfully employed, sometimes the classes come across as tedious or I get a feeling of being "talked down to." The next class I'm taking is War and Memory. As a working military historian, I'm looking forward to this course and the dialogs that are generated between the students and the students with the instructor.

The texts run the gambit of Civil War, race, WWI, Vietnam and 9/11. Regrettably, there's very little covered thus far on WWII. I'm already formulating ideas on research papers - this could be a problem as I haven't even attended the first class this semester.

However, as a historian for the Marine Corps, I can honestly say that it's going to have a Marine Corps 'bent' to it. I'm considering a paper that depicts how the Marine Corps remembers its fallen through the Commemorative Naming Program--with particular emphasis on those buildings, structures, etc named at Marine Corps Base Quantico (where I work). Since MCBQ was established during WWI, some of the records are at the National Archives-I. I can say that the key archivist there is a colleague and it may prove fruitful to spend some time picking his brain and stacks for a day or two.

There are going to be a couple good friends in the class as well. One is a former contract historian and the other is a DOD historian like myself. This should generate some awesome discussions amongst us alone--let alone the rest of the class.

I'm rambling on so I will end this hear for now. Keep coming back, there will be more on the class as the semester progresses.


18 August 2007

Posting from the Farm

It's a beautiful sunny day, no humidity, the dog is lounging on the couch and I'm inside trying to write an article to express my sincere feeling of loss of two historians this past summer and how the organization I work for will go on--thanks in part to the younger generation of historians (like me) who feel the passion.

Obviously, I'm obsessed with work and trying to do better. I'm starting this blog so that I can have a creative outlet for ideas about work, articles, research, and much more. I hope it doesn't degenerate into a pile of steaming whining and gets deleted.

Enjoy. I have a lawn to mow! ;)