20 November 2007


How does one deal with difficult people? I don't normally have too much trouble short of the odd co-worker; however, I've been struggling all semester with my professor. I like to think that I can "win" someone over with my personality and demeanor but this professor has been a tough nut. My professor has disagreed with me on every statement that comes out of my mouth, this professor denounces my type of historical work as "tainted" and that I can not be objective and truthful when it comes to history because of my employer's influence.

There have been several occasions where upon my professor has spouted rumors and myths as fact. How can I safely object to these without jeopardizing my final grade? I've thought of zinging this person on their final evaluation, but that seems petty. So, I'm putting together a professional response with all factors and documentation that I will send to this person after the semester has ended.

I realize its the goal of instructors to challenge their students, but is it their right to question a students integrity, sincerity and honesty without provocation--solely based upon their employer?

07 November 2007

Going gangbuster!

I attended the Executive Council meeting yesterday and have been given the green light on the mentor project! I'm thrilled and humbled at the same time. I also took on the responsibility of coordinating the program--drafting a message to go out in the bulletin and an article to appear in the quarterly newsletter. I'm simply happy as a lark.

While attending the meeting, and after offering my services on another project, I've taken on additional responsibilities. Adopt-a-university is the project, and I adopted my alma mater and another university (which of course, will remain nameless). So I contacted my Alumni Association to make sure I wasn't stepping on any toes by going directly to the History Dept of my alma mater and after talking with the VP (whom I've known by email for many years), find myself invited to the opening of a new history related facility at the university. Again, humbled and honored.

Sometime ago, I had inquired about the board of directors of the alumni association and never heard back from the person in charge. However, after speaking with the VP today, I find that I may be a board member sooner than anticipated. At least, if nothing else, I made it known that I would like to donate time instead of money. In-kind gifts often yield more than cash donations--particularly when cash for the donor is hard to come by.

The moral of this whole story? I'm not sure there's a moral but at least I am doing my best to further the history field via my professional organization and alma mater--not to mention my own ambitions of taking over the world. One piece at a time :)


03 November 2007

Ideas Galore!

There are so many ideas floating around in my head. I'm so far down the 'food chain' that many of them are ignored. When they aren't ignored they are laughed at because no one wants to take on any additional duties. People who are only in it for the paycheck and not the passion really rub me the wrong way.

All that said is one reason why I pitched my mentor idea to the Society. They thought it was a cool idea and I've been invited to the Executive Council meeting on Tuesday to talk more about it. I'm very excited!

I wonder sometimes if I'm simply trying to control things or if I'm in over my head with all my ideas and my drive to do more--or am I just being a dumb kid?