28 June 2008

Latest Research Project I

While I am a historian, I am not employed as a writer. I conduct detailed research, but 99% of the time, am not involved in the writing or the final product other than an as an acknowledgment in a published book or article.

I don't think writers are superior to the type of historian I am; however, they are more often the ones who get noticed. I also have had my own qualms about my writing. I have never thought very highly of it but in the past 5-6 years, I have seen it improve and many have commented that it has improved drastically. I published my first full-length article a couple months ago and received several compliments--two of which were from very respected men. I was honored and humbled.

I found it very easy to write about the brigade in Texas. I was anxious to tell people, through words and images, about these men who served there time outside of France. I think that is what made the difference in my writing—finding that aspect of history that had not been written about a million times, but something that I could dig into (using those research skills) and then write about.

Recently, while using the Proquest database, I found a short article from 1918 heralding the exploits of a Marine aviator. The article stated that the aviator had been recommended for the Victoria Cross AND the Medal of Honor. I wanted to know a little bit more about this aviator so I checked our website to see what is biography stated—all MOH receipients are on our website. His name wasn’t there.

Why his name wasn't there and what happened to the aviator is just the beginning. More to come....


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