19 July 2008

Singing the Praises

As a historian who spends a great deal of time conducting research and not alot of writing, I'm often confused with librarians. In the past, I have taken great offense to this. "I'm a professionally trained historian! I do more than simply look things up!" However, in the course of this latest research project and the Texas one, I have come to respect librarians much more.

It was a librarian who found copies of the Senate hearings and had them inter-library loaned to me. It was this librarian who found several sources for me that I was unable to find on my own. All hail the talents of the librarian!

Speaking of the Senate hearings--oh what a treasure trove of information this is. In some places its nearly a verbatim repeat of the court martial so while I wait for those records, I'm at least getting a glimpse into those proceedings as well! Only one problem--it's on microfiche--and at last check, I don't have a microfiche reader at home where I like to do my reading and note taking on this case. However, one new innovation in microfilm and fiche technology is the reader than can be connected to a computer and create digital copies of the film or fiche! We have this at work, albeit not yet hooked up, but it will be on Monday! I can't wait!

Happy weekend to all,

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